How to Add A Personal Touch to Your Interior Design At Home

Photo by Waiyong Tseng on Unsplash

On Pinterest and on television, we often see glamorous, minimalistic homes plastered across our screens. And whilst these are usually magnificent and modern, they do often lack a certain something. They’re all very samey, with nothing to make them stand out. Having personal touches incorporated into your home can be what takes it from a showroom to your own individual space. A unique space to call home. 

Let’s explore the best ways to add a personal touch to your interior design, to separate your living space from every other home. 

Canvas Prints 

Adorning your walls with high quality canvas prints can really transform your place. Canvas prints not only add a splash of colour but they are talking points. Whether you want to showcase your favourite memories, beautiful images you’ve found online, or even quotes that resonate with you, with the help of Hello Canvas, you can create something completely bespoke. With canvas prints, you have so many different options to choose from, with different sizes, shapes and frame options, all at your fingertips. Have a play around online today to see what you can come up with! 

Focus On What You Love 

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy? If you love to paint, personalise your home by painting a pattern on your bedroom wall. If you are a drinks connoisseur, once you finish a pretty bottle, clean it out, add fresh water and pop some flowers in for a quirky touch. These little additions to your home will really make it special to you. You have so many opportunities here to get creative, depending on who you are and what makes you tick. Think outside the box – you don’t always have to follow the strict conventions of what everybody else is doing. This is your area to truly make your own. 


Instead of throwing out souvenirs from certain times in your life, consider keeping them as decorative items. You could pop them into a scrapbook, frame them, pop them on the mantelpiece… Depending on what it is exactly, you have the freedom to use it how you please. Whether it’s tickets to see your favourite performer, a special birthday card from a loved one, or anything you perceive to be lucky, keep it as a reminder! Each time you notice them, it will make you think of a happy moment in your life. 


If you have any certificates, medals or accolades in some form, then display them for the world to see. You should be proud of your achievements, so don’t feel shy about showcasing them in your own home. These can also act as motivators for you, spurring you on to continue achieving. 

Your home is yours to decorate however you please. Don’t worry about being judged by others, as long as you and your co-habitants are happy in your space, that is what matters. Our personal surroundings impact our well-being more than we think so it’s important that we feel happy and comfortable where we live. Let your personality shine throughout your home. 

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