7 Important Items We Really Need But Always Forget To Buy!

It doesn’t matter if you write a lengthy, detailed shopping list and think long and hard before you head to the supermarket. Chances are the moment you arrive back home; you’ll realise you’ve forgotten something. We’ve all done it, and it’s incredibly frustrating!

These days due to the risk of infection from Covid-19 the less time we spend in supermarkets and public places, the better. So, ensuring you have everything you need in one simple, straightforward shopping trip will certainly make things much less stressful. Here we’ll take a look at 7 important items that we really need, but always forget to buy!

Printer ink

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Printer ink is something we don’t realise we need until we come to print something, and it won’t work. It’s absolutely infuriating! These days if you’re working from home or you’re homeschooling your children, then having a good supply of ink is essential. Don’t worry if you can’t get these from your local supermarket, you can buy toner cartridges here at low prices. Keeping plenty of ink at home in your printer will make working and learning from home much simpler.


Shaving your legs or underarms with a blunt, dull razor isn’t recommended. So, the best way to avoid all these bumps, razor burns and cuts is by remembering to put razors on your shopping list. Don’t forget shaving foam and your other hair removal products!

Laundry detergent

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If you’re in lockdown or you’re currently isolating then you’ll have plenty of time to add a couple more loads to the laundry, and who knows, you might actually get to the bottom of your laundry basket! Consider stocking up on laundry detergent and keep an eye on your supply, so you don’t end up trudging back to the store for the third time this week…

Toilet paper

Nightmare! You can’t exactly ask your friendly neighbour if you can borrow some toilet paper…so plan ahead and buy it every week!

Medicines and painkillers

There’s nothing worse than an excruciating migraine, or when the kids are complaining of a stomach ache or a temperature. These days, looking after ourselves has never been more important, and forgetting to add medicines and painkillers to your shopping list adds even more pain and discomfort to the situation. Make sure you keep your medicine cabinet topped up with everything you need.

Shampoo and conditioner

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking – I already checked, I don’t need any right now! Well, you might want to check again and ask yourself if your current supply will actually last you until your next supermarket trip. Especially if the kids are making lotions and potions in the tub at bath-time…if the bottles are less than half full, stock up.

And finally, trash bags

That huge roll of trash bags seems to last forever until you take out the rubbish and realise you’ve used the last one! You’re going to need them no matter what, so rather than paying extortionate prices at a late-night convenience store, add them to your grocery list!

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