A Simple Guide To Moving House

Moving house is an exciting and emotional time but it can come with a lot of stresses. A mistake that most people make is assuming that moving house only involves packing up all your belongings into boxes and crates. But there is so much more to moving that people forget about, or simply don’t talk about. 

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The whole process doesn’t have to be stressful and there are things you can do (even before the big move) that will help make moving day much easier. If you are planning to move, we have put together a guide with plenty of tips and advice to help moving day be as successful as possible. To help make this an easy process for you, we have split the post into three sections; before the move, during the move, and once you’re settled in your new home.

Before moving day

Declutter each room

The sooner you start decluttering your home the better. Don’t leave it until the very last moment or just before you start boxing things up. It is a very boring and time-consuming task but it needs to be done. You’ll feel so much better once this is out of the way and it will also save you money on removal costs. 

Book a removal company

You may want to move everything over to the new house yourself, but we advise you to book a removal company to help you. By booking professionals like Britannia Cestrian to do it for you, it will eliminate half the stress and you can focus on other aspects of the move. Make sure you book a removal company that has experience and good reviews online, as they will be packing, handling, and loading all your belongings and you want them to arrive at the new house safely. 

Start packing right away

As soon as you have the date you can move, start packing right away. Make a list of everything that needs doing for each room so nothing gets missed. You can start packing the rooms you use least to make things easier. Things you use each day can be left until the very end. Don’t forget to label boxes correctly so when you are in your new home searching for things, you know exactly where to find them. Also, by labelling boxes you know which room they will be in at the new house. 

Set up utilities 

You may not be thinking about utilities right now but by getting these sorted for your new home before the move, it means there is one less thing for you to stress about. Having your utilities set up early enough makes the transition from home to home a lot smoother. 

Check out your new area

At this point, you will know all you can about your new house but you may not be too familiar with your area such as where the local shops and pubs are. Why not visit your new area before you move so you can see what it’s like and to give you a good idea of how the neighbourhood is?

Moving day has arrived

Start the day early

No matter how organised you think you are with moving hacks, the process takes longer than you think, so be prepared to start the move as early as possible. The earlier the removal van shows up, the sooner all of your belongings can be loaded and safely on their way to the new house. By starting early, it means you have more time to make sure everything is cleared out of your old home and gives you more time to start unpacking at the new house.

Don’t forget: you’ll want to work with someone local to you, with enough transport power to keep the move stress free. As such, simple Man and Van services are a good shout here as well – once again, take the reviews of past clients into account, and do plenty of research before finally booking a trusted removal partner!

Have a survival kit to hand

All of your stuff will be packed up so make sure you have a bag of essentials with you. Things such as medication, toilet roll, water, deodorant, important documents, and maybe a kettle with your preference of tea or coffee. Put anything you think you may need into your survival kit that will help keep the stress levels to a minimum. 

Keep cleaning products separate

You will probably want to clean the new house when you arrive, so make sure you have cleaning cloths, bin bags, multi-purpose cleaner, and bleach ready so you can give it a quick clean before you start to unpack. 

Ask family to look after children/pets

Family and friends will likely want to help out in any way possible so if you have children or pets that might get in the way on moving day, a good tip is to have a relative or friend look after them until everything is moved over to the new house. 

Now to relax and settle in

Unpack the main things first

Start unpacking the everyday items you will need the most. This will help with any stress you may be feeling, as seeing all the boxes waiting to be unpacked can be overwhelming. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to unpack every single box that first day/night. Try to do a little bit each time and everything will start to come together. Soon enough you will be settled in and starting to make your house feel like a home.

Toast to your new home

Whatever your choice of celebratory drink is, now is the time to pop it open and toast to your new home. There’s a huge relief when everything has been unloaded from the van, you’ve given the place a quick clean and you have started to unpack the boxes with all your main, everyday items in. 

Don’t forget the boring bits

Once you’ve started to settle in, don’t forget to do those boring but necessary tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to, like updating your address with your doctor, dentist, the bank, and anyone else who needs to be informed. Now is also a good time to take care of your council tax if you’ve moved to a new area. 

Moving can be one of the hardest and most stressful things to do, so try to be easy on yourself and follow the tips and advice from this guide to help make the move that little bit easier.

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