7 Tips To Redesign Your Bedroom on a Budget

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People often overlook their bedrooms when thinking about redesigning their houses. For some, it is because it’s the last room they visit when they enter their house, while for others, it’s because bedrooms are private rooms. However, a bedroom should be where a person loves to spend time and relax after a busy day. The following are tips you may use to renovate your bedroom without incurring much cost.

Switch Things Up

Although switching things up in your bedroom is free, it can make a significant difference. Applying little energy and time can give the room a new appearance by changing the furniture location.

 When you are switching things, you should consider removing unnecessary pieces such as extra furniture. This may help you to create space and make the room airy. A simple action like changing the position of your bed can create a new orientation in your bedroom.

Change your Bedding and Throw Pillow

 Since the bed is the fundamental thing in your bedroom, replacing your pillows and beddings with hotel quality bedding and towels can be an effective minor change to transform your home appearance.

 For instance, choosing bedding with a different colour from the current one can make a significant difference. Besides, it would help if you also considered trying out a particular theme based on your decoration design.

Redesign the Lighting 

Lighting is a critical component in any room. Therefore, it’s a necessity when a person intends to create an appealing and relaxing environment. If you want to create an effective change, you should consider introducing bedside lamps in your room.

You can enhance your lighting by switching the existing lampshades or replacing the bedside lamps with stylish fitted sconces on the walls.

Paint the Room

Paint is an essential and cheap way of creating an appealing look in your space. You can also consider repainting your old furniture to liven them up.

Consider the Floor

Like replacing the beddings, replacing or adding a rug can have a significant effect on your room. Besides, you can also consider getting creative with patterns. Since everyone likes stepping on something soft, you may consider adding an appealing vintage kilim or a thick shagpile rug.

Rugs are great ways to pull a room together; hence, this may help you create a relaxed and collected feel.

Check the Storage

 Since a bedroom should be a relaxing place, you should always focus on utilizing adequate space and reducing clutter. For instance, you may consider fabric storage bins, wardrobe organisers, and nesting baskets for keeping miscellaneous things. If you’re lacking accessible storage space in your existing wardrobe, why not fit some drawer runners to create a pull-out shelf and maximise your storage capacity.

Add Style on Walls 

Lastly, remember your bedroom walls. Repainting, hanging artwork or wallpapering can create an appealing look in your space. Your choice of art could indicate your passions and personal interest, or convey a mood.

A textured wall hanging can add a layer of softness, whilst installing a gallery wall can enable you to add your favourite artwork or pictures. However, you should maintain your theme when selecting your wall colours, wallpapers or artwork.


Although home décor costs differ based on the quality and extent of the work, you can also transform your home through cheaper ways, as seen above.  

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