A Closer Look at the Innovative Leesa Mattress


Although I thought it was about time we shopped for a new mattress, my husband was less keen (might not be as comfy / it will be expensive / I have no desire to do my back in carrying it upstairs etc etc.)  Then we were contacted by a company called Leesa.  Relatively new into the UK marketplace, but huge in the US, they wanted to know if we’d like to review a mattress from their range.  I said yes please first, then told the husband second.

I had already been doing a little research on what to be aware of when buying a new mattress, how often you should change yours etc.  It soon became apparent our current mattress was getting quite long in the tooth (the recommendation is around 5 – 10 years) and so changing it now was quite timely.

According to the Leesa website, our sleep experience would be reinvented as this new mattress would offer the “best feel”.  Rather than choosing a soft, medium or firm option, we would be getting something “universal”.  That’s a pretty bold statement and the company backs this up by offering anyone who buys one of their products up to 100 days to try it out.  If you’re not happy with it, call them up and they will come and collect it.  Simple as that.  It’s refreshing to see a company show such confidence in its products.

Each affordable mattress is built to order, in the UK, and shipped free of charge.  But the icing on the cake, certainly where my other half was concerned, is that each mattress is compressed and then shipped in a box.  A relatively small box at that, looking at the images on their website.  According to Leesa the compression process actually improves the life of the mattress.  To be honest, they had Paul at “compressed and in a box”.

The Leesa mattress arrived and it was indeed in a remarkably compact box.


We opened the top and could see that something was in there, wrapped in plastic.  Was that really a super king size mattress?  There was a reasonable amount of weight to the Leesa mattress (must be all that compressed air in the box!) but it was surprisingly easy to get up the stairs.  It took a minute and involved no bruises, pulled muscles or swearing.  This was a good start!

On un-boxing it, we weren’t really sure what to expect – I think Paul was anticipating the mattress blowing up like a life vest, like the one you hope to be under your seat in case of an emergency (have you ever checked?  Paul has).  The instructions were very straight forward and simple; unbox the mattress.  Check.  Position the mattress on the base of the bed.  Check. 




Unfold the mattress and tear away the inner plastic wrap.   The mattress was virtually flat, it was definitely compressed I’ll say that. With some apprehension, we waited for the Leesa to expand.

mattress rising

Over the next 10 minutes or so we stood there transfixed as this virtually flat “thing” began to slowly take shape and expand.  It was like watching an eclipse; you know it’s happening but can’t say for sure at what speed – it just is.  What had been placed in that modest box was now a fully formed huge, super king mattress.  We were expecting all the air to rush out of it once we sat on it, but it didn’t.  It felt very different from our old mattress – no bumps, no springs, no distractions.  It was comfortable. Just very, very comfortable.

Leesa say that after an hour out of the box it feels good, but after a day it will feel brilliant and we agree.  Here it is soon after un-boxing:


Leesa mattress

And after a few days:



It has been a couple of weeks now since we took delivery of our Leesa mattress and it has been a big hit with everybody.  Our boys have tried it out on numerous occasions, for research purposes only apparently.  The cat keeps trying to sneak on, too, and she is an expert in comfort.



I feel that we’re getting some better quality sleep now.  It’s cushiony, yet supportive and when you turn over there are no springs to dig in anywhere and it gently moulds itself to you, so you feel cradled.  Built in three layers of high quality foam, it’s top layer is designed to allow air flow which keeps your cooler and more comfortable as you sleep.   All in all we would have absolutely no problems in recommending a Leesa mattress.  From its clever design and convenient, prompt delivery (3-5 days manufacture, plus the time taken for a courier delivery), to its luxurious feel and smart appearance, every aspect ticks the box.

I hope the company does as well in the UK as it has in the states, as I not only like their product, but the company ethos too; for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one to an emergency shelter and plant a tree for every mattress sold – I like that ‘giving back’ culture very much.  Not only that, Leesa are offering Tidy Away Today readers a discount on any mattress which is a super offer, if you shop through this link

This post is a collaborative one with with Leesa, all words and opinions our own

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© Copyright 2015 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
    1. We got our leesa mattress last week, it does have a strange smell which we were told would go away through time, how long does it take to go away, other than that, it is a very comfy mattress

      1. Yes we had that ‘newness’ smell, it lingered for a while but did go eventually. I didn’t mind it too much, actually! Glad you are finding it comfy 😀 x

    1. I know, we wondered if the single mattress size had been delivered instead when we saw the box, but no – it was definitely the super king!

    1. Hi Gaby, I haven’t noticed that yet, maybe because it is a super king size and there is a bit more space between us than with a normal double?

    2. We’ve had the Euro kingsize version of this mattress for a few weeks now, and love it. Absolutely no problem with rolling together in the middle. Indeed, one of the impressive things is that you can hardly feel the other person move, turn over etc. The natural isolation between the two sides is excellent.

  1. How is that even possible? I want to buy it just to watch it expanding! A good mattress is soon important – I’d love to try one like this as it looks so comfy x
    Katy recently posted…Kitchen tilesMy Profile

    1. Yes the cover is lovely and modern, really fresh looking. I agree a decent mattress is a good investment, like good shoes! Ha ha x

  2. I have one of these amazing best thing I ever bought and when I saw it I thought oh no wot a waste wen I returned to the bedroom I was shocked and having a bad bk this has helped so much I even went and bought singles for the kids

  3. Please can you give me a price on the super King please as had a back op that did not go well and my nights tend to consist of sleeping in my chair as in a lot of pain xx

      1. Hi there, I’ve been in the website & almost £700 for a king size matress does seem like a lot. I’ve never ever paid this much for a matress ever. It would probably take a while to save that much, I’d expect a six star rating for this price. Good job a refund is offered if not happy. So may try this as ice got back problems myself.

        1. I think that’s the beauty of the 100 day trial, Jayne. Any new mattress is a big investment and you’ve got to be comfy, since you’ll be sleeping in it every night. For this bank holiday weekend, you can use a special promo code from Leesa to get £80 off if you decide to go ahead – it’s TIDYAWAY80.

      2. You say this company contacted you to ask if you’d like to try their product & you said yes before telling your husband about it first. So did you just happen to have going on £750 to just fork out for it like that?. I know we desperately need a new mattress but to just pay out £740 like that without even having the chance to try before you buy, as to speak is a leap of faith in anyones books I’d say, very trusting. With or without their supposed guarantee :/

        1. The mattress I was sent was a complimentary sample for the purpose of a blog review – sorry if that wasn’t made clear enough.

  4. How can we trust your review when it links to a voucher that makes you £30 every time someone uses it to buy this mattress?

    1. Hi there, you are making a pretty big assumption there and an incorrect one at that! I can assure you that I don’t make £30 every time someone uses the discount code to buy a mattress – not sure why you would think that? The voucher code for readers of the blog is simply a gesture from the manufacturer to purchasers – I hope that clarifies the situation!

  5. Hi. Great review.

    I am considering buying this but would like to know as it is foam based how is the ‘bounce’ if you know what I mean!

  6. looking at all the comments on here, they date back to October 2015. Can i ask what the mattress is like now, nine months down?
    thank you

    1. Hi there, still comfy! I really like the fact there are no springs, which I think you can tend to feel digging in a bit over time with a regular mattress. The support and pressure relief is excellent in a Leesa mattress. Let me know if you decide to buy one 🙂

  7. I am impressed with the write up on this mattress and would love one ,but my husband being thr cynic that he is is disturbed that you have no negetive feed back to make a balanced and informed choice . can you help out here
    many thanks

  8. Hi I left a message today , regarding the possibility of any negative feedback you may have received as all yours are very glowing. this post now seems to have been removed can you explain this

    1. Hello there, thanks for your comments. I have to publish them manually if you are new to commenting here, so it wasn’t that the comments were published and deleted – I have only just had chance to publish them! As regards a lack of negative feedback in my post, when I reviewed the mattress it was brand new. Several months on, I can confirm that it is still going strong & I’m not aware of any negative feedback from other bloggers who have tried the Leesa mattress. I’m not sure how much can go wrong with a mattress like this, there are no springs to break and unless you rip the cover or spill something on it, it should continue to be very durable – and comfortable! I think that’s the beauty of the 100 day free trial – maybe that will reassure/convince your husband to try it? Let me know how you get on! Regards.

  9. Innovative? Seems to be essentially the same type of mattress (same construction, dispatch mode, etc) as Ergoflex, who I first bought online from in 2006. Albeit slightly more expensive.

    1. Hi Joseph! I haven’t come across the Ergoflex mattress before – is yours still comfy and going strong, ten years on? The prices look pretty comparable to me – and Leesa are now also offering an interest free credit option, which I expect will be really popular with buyers. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  10. Lovely bed. Personally, I always love air mattress. It is an essential gear which cannot be lacked of for every camping trip. Actually, this January 2017, I plan to go hiking with my friends in a group of 6. Any suggestion on a list of gears which I should bring?
    Thank you for sharing this and please keep it up.

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