Bored of Your Kitchen? Here are 5 Ways to Spruce it Up


How does walking into your kitchen make you feel? Is it a space that inspires you to create gastronomic delights or do you fumble around for a ready meal and scarper as soon as it’s done? Here are five easy ways to transform your kitchen into a culinary hotspot without spending a fortune.

Experiment with Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paint is inexpensive, available in most DIY stores and above all, it holds the power to turn any flat surface into a ready-to-go chalkboard. What’s not to love? Create a feature wall or just paint part of a cabinet depending on how much space you have available. Use it to write reminders, recipes or shopping lists. It’s great for kids (adult kids included) – doodle whatever, whenever and the clean-up is quick and simple.

Brighten up with new accessories

Picking bright, bold accessories is a great way to bring to life an otherwise tired-looking kitchen. Decorate your space with retro signs and colourful crockery. Add cute frames to postcards or sketches and hang them on the wall. Don’t be afraid of statement pieces – a little can go a long way.

It’s simple but effective: purchasing funky kitchen accessories can give the room an instant facelift. Instead of buying things like tea towels on autopilot, spend a bit of extra time picking out ones which actually match the colour scheme of your kitchen and have a cool design.

Get a new gadget

If you’ve got a little bit of cash to splash, why not spend it on a brand new gadget? Buying a shiny new appliance is a great way to get yourself started on being creative with food and drink. Be practical and buy something that your household will actually benefit from, rather than something that just looks nice. A brand new blender will get you whizzing up healthy, delicious smoothies while a slow cooker can save you time and energy – a good choice if you work late. Investing in your very own coffee machine could save you time and money in the long run, as well as expanding your taste buds.

Update your cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets make up a major part of the room – if these are looking worn then chances are, the whole room will suffer. If you don’t want to replace cabinet doors completely, repainting or varnishing them are an easy and quick alternative. Plus, a new coat of paint can really work wonders. Replacing all your door handles with something kooky is a great way to inject some personality.

Focus on lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in any room and a quick change of your kitchen light bulbs can improve the look and the mood of the room a whole lot. Spotlights are popular and are cheaper than you might think. Angling the lights can help draw attention to specific areas of the room…and draw attention away from others. A light or shade can act as a dramatic feature – especially good if you have high ceilings. Even adding a new lamp can bring an element of warmth to the room, which is ideal, as winter draws in!

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