Concrete light fitting

Styling the Home with Visible Light Bulbs

Trends in lighting can change from year to year – even season to season – but some are destined to stick around a lot longer.  One such fashion is having visible light bulbs; not just a means to illuminate a space, but as an intrinsic part of room design.  Pared back in appearance, these industrial-inspired light fixtures are the cool kids on the block.

Concrete light fitting

Although the trend has been around for ages in commercial settings, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, we’re now hanging our bulbs in the same way at home to add personality and a cooler edge to our interiors.

I’m a huge fan of this lighting look and have discovered many great examples available at recently.  Let’s take a look at some of my favourite ideas when it comes to exposed light bulbs:

Visible Bulbs Without Shades

Since the revival of vintage furniture and home accessories, you can now get modern LED bulbs with authentically vintage-looking filaments inside the glass globe, to create a nostalgic look.  The light from these bulbs tends to be more ambient, creating a cosy and relaxed feeling in a room – almost like candlelight.

Where more light is required, hanging multiple light bulbs together can be an option, either bunched in attractive clusters, or in a simple row placed at differing heights for added character, like this:

Hanging light bulbs UKThese cool minimalistic vintage edition 1906 pendulum pendants in black are a great example of how to get the industrial look.

Or how about this for a clever alternative way to display a bulb hanging from a cable:

Hanging lamps UKThe light bulb holders themselves can vary in design and type of material.  You can get stylish copper or concrete ones for example:

Copper light fitting

Concrete Light Fitting

They really add something extra to the look.  And when it comes to choosing bulb designs, you have a variety of options on the market such as bell shaped, long and slender or perfectly round – plus different colours and sizes.  Some of the globes available are huge and particularly charming to look at.

Visible Bulbs With Shades

If a bare bulb is just too minimal for your liking and you prefer your light fittings with a shade, you can still get the visible light bulb trend by adding a geometric wire cage or a clear, coloured or smoked glass shade that still permits a glimpse of the bulb.  Again, a filament style modern LED bulb looks very attractive when used with these types of shades.

Using coloured cables can be another nice touch to ensure your light fitting has extra impact – there’s a huge variety of cables and colours around at the moment, from smooth modern neon lead cords to ones with a more vintage feel that feature woven fabric cable covers.

Exposed light fixtures can be permanently wired by an electrician from the ceiling, or alternatively they can have a plug at the end of their lead making it easy to move them around the home.  It is popular to have an extra long lead in any case, so that the cable can be wound around a ceiling hook or wall bracket which gives a less formal look to a room.

There’s really such a lot of choice around and you can find more inspiration for the trend towards visible light bulbs over on the blog.

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