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Bathroom Storage Ideas featuring The Holding Company

My bathroom (or shower room to be precise) is small, like a lot of UK bathrooms are.

Large walk in shower

The tight space can get cluttered up easily and look untidy and disorganised in next to no time.

So what exactly can we do to streamline our storage?  Today, I thought I’d talk about how I like to organise our compact bathroom and share some of my favourite items from storage solution specialists, The Holding Company, to give you some ideas for your own home.

Built In Storage

Luckily, when designing our space I had expert help from my interior designer friend, Karen Knox who jiggled with the layout and made sure we utilised every corner.  We built in a (narrow, but deep) cupboard with shelves behind the shower which has been invaluable!  Spare loo rolls, cleaning materials, body lotions, sun cream, deoderant, spare soaps, shower gel etc. all reside in there.

We also made sure we got some alcoves put in the shower wall to hold shampoo etc. which again has proved to be very handy.

Finally, by fitting a sink with a deep, built in vanity drawer, it gave us a further useful storage opportunity.

Contemporary bathroom

Hanging Storage

If you don’t have any built-in storage, what you can do is make use of the vertical space.  Simple wall shelves, hooks and handy hanging storage is the way to go.  With something like the InterDesign Over The Door Towel Holder you don’t even need to drill a hole!  Such a neat way to store towels, especially when there isn’t floor space for baskets.  Caddies that hang up in the shower are also a good idea if you don’t have any nooks or crannies close to hand for your soap and shampoo.

Over door storage


I LOVE storage baskets for organising things; they are just so practical and help you group items together, making it easy to keep track of them.  I find that if items have a proper place to live, you’re less likely to lose them somewhere else in the home.  Whilst plastic baskets are practical – easy to wipe clean and resistant to water and steam – I must admit I prefer the look of natural woven baskets.  They are definitely more chic and a great way to update your bathroom.

I absolutely love my little Oxford Round Silver Raffia Container from The Holding Company which is a natural, soft woven grass basket.

Bathroom storage basket

Featuring practical carry handles, it’s great for hand towels and flannels, but would equally work as a container for toiletries or loo rolls in the bathroom.  The look of these baskets is quite Boho – and if space allows you could even pop a gorgeous tropical plant in the them.  Add some hamman towels to your bathroom and it will feel like you’re on a spa holiday!

Cosmetic Organisers

Make-up containers and bottles of product can soon overrun a bathroom.  To avoid the sink or window sill becoming a dumping ground, it really helps to have some make-up storage for cosmetics and make-up removal items.  It can be infuriating if you have spent a lot of money on a small make-up items, only to misplace them.  So if you have a designated place for your cosmetics, you can apply them and return to their home ready for the next time – no hassle.

Previously, my cotton pads would end up in different cupboards and drawers, but now they are all neatly corralled and close to hand thanks to my Cotton Wool Pad Dispenser from The Holding Company.  I can just top it up when needed, from the supplies which I now keep in the built-in cupboard.

Acrylic bathroom organiser


I never thought I’d have enough space for a trolley in the bathroom, but seeing the Narrow 4 Tier Trolley from The Holding Company has given me pause for thought.  With its slim profile, it could easily be wheeled next to a sink or bath in a lot of bathrooms.  Those three handy drawers, plus top tray, make it a really lovely storage solution – worthy of a stylish beauty salon, don’t you think?

storage trolley

So there you have it, some simple storage ideas to help you organise your bathroom better.  Thanks to the Holding Company for sending me the basket and cotton wool container to try; I love them.

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