ColorReader Interior Design

Discovering how the Datacolor ColorReader makes Design Easier!

Recently, I was introduced to an intriguing new gadget by Datacolor, called the ColorReader.  For anyone with more than a passing interest in interior design, this little device could really help you with your decorating schemes and ideas, whilst for Interior Designers, Stylists, Painters and Decorators it could revolutionise their work!
ColorReader Interior Design

So what exactly is it?  Well, the ColorReader is a handheld, ultra-portable and automated colour matching tool, meaning that you can now identify colours on the go.  Fast, accurate and simple, the bluetooth device works in conjunction with the ColorReader mobile app, enabling you to identify the colours of paint and everyday items around you, saving them for future reference.

So, if like me you’ve ever been out and about and spotted a gorgeous colour, on a cushion or a wall maybe, and have wondered what the shade is, now you scan it, record it and find it. 

Scanning and identifying a colour is super easy; you simply hold the ColorReader sensor against the coloured surface you are measuring and press ‘read’ on the app on your phone – the app will then show you the three colours that most closely match the scanned shade.   

Here, I’ve scanned the colour of a new cushion in a pinky hue that I really like: 

DataColor ColorReader

On my phone, it’s showing me the three closest shades.  I could then either source paint via the colour details given, e.g. the RAL number.  Or, if I wanted a wall colour to compliment or contrast with the cushion, I simply need to click on ‘Co-ordinate colours’ which allows me to look at suggested palettes – Complementary, Triad, Analogous or Monochromatic.  This feature is so useful in helping you create a cohesive colour palette, when designing a new scheme.   

Wall Colour Palettes

I can then save my favourite combinations as a palette and give them a name for easy reference.

This clever device is brought to you by Datacolor, a company that has a long standing passion for colour – one that goes back for over 45 years.  As a global leader in colour management solutions, they provide software, instruments and services designed to ensure accurate colour of materials, products and images. 

Talking about the new device, Susan Bunting, product marketing manager said, ‘We hear time and again from designers, homeowners and painters who’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect paint to match their color inspiration – whether it be a decorative throw pillow or even a piece of artwork.  In the end they settled for a color that still wasn’t quite right.  Therefore we set out to develop the latest product in our line of color management solutions.  We wanted an easy-to-use color identification tool that is affordable for all.’ 

At around £100 I think the tool totally achieves what it sets out to do and would be an asset in any designer or home enthusiast’s tool box.  In fact it may end up saving you the expense (not to mention time spent) of repainting a room as a result of a colour error.  I’ve been really impressed with the ColorReader and the ease of use with the app.  I definitely feel it gives me an advantage as an amateur interior designer – and could see this being an indispensible piece of kit for designers and decorators who make their living putting colour schemes and room ideas together, often spending hours and hours sourcing and refining colour palettes.  In fact, I can’t wait to share it with my designer friends and get their feedback.

Colour Identification

With the ColorReader easily carried in my bag, I now know that, should I spot a colour I love in a restaurant, bar or hotel which I think would be the perfect one to paint my living room or bedroom, I can take the guesswork out of it and be confident in my colour choices. 

What do you think; would you find this tool useful? 

Collaborative post – thanks to Datacolor for sending me the ColorReader to review

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