Behind the Scenes of Real Home Lookbook on Love Your Home

I recently travelled to London on a couple of occasions to present some short videos about home interior design for a YouTube channel called Love Your Home.  It was both exciting and nerve-wracking making my way to the studio, after all this isn’t something I do every day, so I had a serious case of butterflies as I arrived…

But the team at Videojug (the production company who were making the videos) were fantastic – kind, friendly and welcoming.  In fact, just what I needed to feel more at ease.  I had the use of their green room where I could have a cup of tea and get ready between takes.

On set, I only had a cameraman and researcher with me, so it wasn’t as scary as I’d perhaps imagined and I learned a lot quickly.

For example, I hadn’t anticipated the really bright lights pointing directly at me, nor the fact that the mic I had to wear picks up every sound (including tummy rumbles and jangly necklaces!).

I’d been rehearsing my script ahead of time, but still managed to fluff my lines quite a few times – I must have said ‘minimalist’ ten times before it came out right.  Luckily, the atmosphere on the set was such that we could have a giggle about the bits that went wrong and go for another take.  I can only think that live TV with no second chances must be terrifying!

I needed to wear a different outfit for each video, so I’d brought several changes with me and the bottle green jumper dress above that you’ll see in one of the videos was a gift from Great Plains, which I really appreciated.

If you’ve checked out the Love Your Home channel already, you’ll have seen it’s packed with a wide variety of entertaining and informative video content.  I’ve been enjoying watching the great ‘how to’ videos that show craft tutorials, such as these trendy 3D metallic paper stars – definitely want to give those a try for Christmas.  There are lots of thrifty ideas too, like making your own inexpensive laundry gloop and fabric softener.

After finishing filming the first day, I took the chance to have a little look round – this is the kitchen set where a lot of videos are shot.  Check out that huge vintage dresser – gorgeous!

The first two videos in my series have aired now and you can see them below.  Watch out for more to come – there are eight in total, with a new one appearing each week.  If you wanted to subscribe to the Love Your Home channel you’ll get a reminder each time a new one comes out.

Thanks to the lovely Chantelle, Oscar and Marcus at Videojug for guiding me and giving me a great new experience and I hope people enjoy watching the series.



© Copyright Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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