It’s A Wrap! My Final ‘Real Home Lookbook’ Episode


If you have been following along recently, you may have seen me trying my hand at a little video presenting.  The series of 8 short episodes called Real Home Lookbook are all about achieving different interior design styles and were filmed for the You Tube Channel, Love Your Home.  The last one aired just recently.

Love Your Home Ep 8

Being a pretty shy person, it was quite a big step for me to come out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl!  I know lots of bloggers regularly ‘vlog’ nowadays and can talk really confidently to the camera.  Well, I’ve only done a little vlogging and never in a professional studio before.  But with lots of encouragement and prompts from a supportive crew who led me through this new territory, I made it out alive!  


All 8 episodes can be found on the Love Your Home channel on You Tube and they cover my top tips for getting a variety of interior looks, such as Bohemian, Romantic or Retro, in your home.  I think you can probably see my confidence grow through the series, I was a bit twitchy in the first episodes, trying to remember my lines, but by the last couple of videos I was positively enjoying the experience!

The Love Your Home channel features lots of informative and creative content for home lovers, DIYers and crafters.  Thrifty sorts will love their budget-friendly makeover projects and easy tutorials and there is a friendly feel to all the videos, with a mix of presenters who are professional presenters or bloggers like me.  The videos are relatively short and I like this ‘bite-size’ aspect because it is easy to dip in and out, discover quick ideas and come away feeling inspired.

I had to travel to the London studio from my home in Manchester, so it was fun catching the train and I usually had a bit of time after filming to have a little look around before heading back to the station.  Some of the streets near the studio had some interesting houses so I was in my element.   I loved the contrast between old and new here – oh and that ‘Union Jack’ roofed Mini parked outside, just to remind me I was in the capital! 

Series 5 of the Real Home Lookbook has already kicked off with presenter, Bryn Lucas so why not keep watching and like or share the videos if you feel so inclined.  If you missed it, you can watch my final episode here which is all about achieving the Minimalist look:




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