Considering What Window Treatment Works For Which Room

Summer is arriving in the UK and it is important that we can enjoy the warm weather. However, we do not want the sun to ruin those quiet times sat in front of the television, nor keep the children awake when it’s nap time. This is why Manchester based Find A Blind have provided some tips and advice on choosing the right blinds and shutters for each situation to keep out the sun.

Bedroom Blackout Shutters

No one wants to be woken up at 5am with the sun beating down on them. This is why blackout shutters or shades could be the option for your bedroom. These types of shutters will shut off virtually all outside light trying to make its way in. If you are a light sleeper and not afraid of the dark, then they would be perfect for you.

High in quality and very low maintenance, these shutters are perfect for those of you looking for a blackout bedroom. Offering expert advice across Manchester, you can visit Find A Blind’s showroom in Prestwich to see for yourself. Sometimes you need to see the blinds in action to ensure they’re right for you, and the showroom allows this opportunity.

Living Room Blinds

Your living room is an area where you would want at least some light. Blinds and curtains in the living room are mainly there to stop any morning or evening glare and give some privacy. You won’t want something blocking out any daylight. If you are sprucing up your home and are looking for window treatments that still enhance your home, there is some great advice available here.

The advantage of choosing blinds for your living room is that there is some middle ground. Unlike shutters or curtains, they can be partially closed to allow a little bit of light. There are plenty of styles available and most are very easy to install. Forget the installation though, the important part is that they are also pleasing to look at. Your living room is where you will see most of your guests, so blinds are highly suitable for a room with a TV and hosting area, as they are versatile. You can also adjust them depending on how much sunlight is getting in!


Choosing shutters and blinds for the bedroom and living room is sensible, but what if you would like some curtains somewhere in the home? Curtains are great because they are flexible and can add warmth, pattern, colour and style to a room. If the light in a room doesn’t vary too much curtains are a great option, as they are simply either open or closed.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Depending on the material and style, they can also allow a little bit of diffused light in. The option is totally yours whether to go for a thin fabric or lighter shade of curtain which lets some light in, or heavier, thicker curtains and specifically blackout curtains which are suitable when you need to cut out all light. Essentially, it depends on the aesthetics of your home and also what material you prefer.


Ultimately, you need to be happy with the following: colour, material and quality. Your window dressing should be versatile and durable, but also filter light and give you the privacy you require. Talk to an expert or try the products out for yourself. Why not try Find a Blind In Manchester shutters and blinds and walk away satisfied.

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