Does Laser Hair Removal Beat Other Hair Removal Options?

There are a lot of ways to get rid of body hair you don’t want. The most popular at-home methods tend to be waxing or shaving. When it comes to clinical hair removal, the top method is laser treatment. Other options for at-home and clinical treatment of body hair include removal creams (called depilatory creams), electrolysis and epilators. Sugaring, which is a process similar to waxing, is also used.

Laser hair removal

With all of those options, how do you know which one to pick? You could go by word of mouth. If you do that, you are likely to hear a lot of reports that people are in favour of laser hair removal. But does laser hair removal really beat other hair removal options? It somewhat depends on your priorities.

Hair Removal and Limiting the Pain You Feel

If your main priority is to remove unwanted body hair as painlessly as possible, shaving is probably your top option. Unless you accidentally nick yourself with a razor blade, shaving is quite safe and comfortable. You could also try using a depilatory cream to slow down regrowth. However, there is a trade off. That trade off is you have to shave frequently and remember to use the cream regularly for the best results.

Exploring Your Long-Term Hair Removal Choices

If your goal is having the hair you remove stay gone for a long time, shaving is not your best choice for one simple reason. It has no impact whatsoever on the hairs underneath the surface of your skin. It essentially chops them off right at the surface, allowing quick regrowth. It is similar to why you have to mow your lawn frequently in the summer to keep up with grass growth in your garden! On the other hand, hair-removal laser equipment is able to target all the hair, even the part not visible. The light from the laser travels deep down into your skin and even damages hair roots. That is why it takes much longer for hair to come back after laser treatment than after shaving.

Laser hair removal

Weighing Up Your At-Home Hair Removal Choices

Maybe your main goal is finding a convenient way to treat your unwanted hair at home. If so, as mentioned shaving is convenient. You can also try waxing or sugaring. However, the latter two options can be more painful. Also, all three options are not ideal when you want to remove hair for a long time. The convenience of at-home hair removal is great, but if you are looking to save time you need to think ahead. Having treatments like laser procedures may seem inconvenient, but at an hour or less per appointment the long-term time and money savings may be worth it to you.

Choosing a Hair Removal Option Based on Hair Quantity

Another factor that can determine if laser hair removal beats other hair removal techniques for you is how much hair you want to remove. For example, if you have a couple stray hairs you don’t like, you can pluck them with tweezers at home. You can also use handheld tweezer-like tools called epilators. Alternatively, you can opt for clinical electrolysis treatment.

On the other hand, removing a lot of hair quickly requires a treatment that is much faster and able to treat a larger area. A laser device for hair removal certainly fits that description. In under a second, it can treat a coin-sized area of hair. Laser treatment is also typically easily used on many different body parts, so the location of the hair does not matter. Legs, arms and back are among the many body parts people frequently use lasers on to get rid of hair they do not want.

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