Ensure Your Property Looks Amazing With These Top Tips

Are you worried about what people think of your home? You needn’t be with this handy guide filled with tips and tricks to make your home look the best it has ever looked.

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Windows are something that you have to look out of each day so they need to look appealing. You need to make sure you are taking care of your windows and regularly checking them for any marks. Windows can suffer from black mould if you have a problem with condensation within your home. An easy way to solve this is to open your windows for at least 15 minutes every morning. You should also wipe down the surround and the sills to eradicate any problems with condensation and dampness. 

If your windows are looking a bit tired then you could always paint them to inject some life back into them. You could also replace them if you have the funds available. There are always new fancy double and triple glazed windows to take your fancy. 


Similar to windows you should be taking care of your doors, both interior and exterior. This is because when people come to your house, one of the first things they will notice is your doors. If your front door is looking worn and run down you could give it a coat of paint to make it look healthier. You could also think about replacing the doorknob and letterbox if these are making it look old. 

As for the doors inside your property, they can take a regular beating. Whether they are being slammed in anger or warping due to age you will need to fix them. Your doors can make your home seem warm and welcoming or cold and alarming. You don’t want your guests feeling like you don’t look after your doors. 


One of the leading causes of leaks is the roof. Whether there is a loose tile or damaged or missing lead flashing, it can lead to more serious issues if the problem isn’t rectified. You may even have a thatched roof that can create problems due to its ageing. If you do indeed have a thatched roof they need regular maintenance. You should call in the experts to carry out your thatched roof maintenance every 20 years. This is because it wears out over time and will degrade in its ability to keep your house dry and warm. 

If you have a normal tiled roof then you may notice damp patches on the walls, ceilings, or floors. This may be due to a leaky roof and needs to be checked as soon as possible. This can allow damp to penetrate which can lead to all sorts of expensive damage to your house, including rotten floorboards and mouldy walls. 


Finally, your garden can be the most tranquil place in your home. You could use it to chill in the summer or escape the indoors during winter. Whatever you use your garden for it needs to feel welcoming. You may also have heard of curb appeal, this is how your garden and property look from the outside. If you have an unkempt garden then people will start talking about how little you do to look after it.

Giving the grass a regular mow and lots of water will keep it looking healthy and green. You could even plant some pretty colourful flowers to brighten it up. 

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