The Anatomy Of A Luxury Bedroom

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Designer bedrooms are a little different from the regular hum-drum. They’re elegant and sophisticated and feel just as stately as entrance halls and opulent living rooms. Achieving luxury in the bedroom, though, takes a slightly different touch. The bedroom is a naturally feminine space. It’s not about grandeur, but, rather rest and recuperation. In this post, we take a look at some of the simple ways that you can make your bedroom more elegant. Check them out below.

Add A Touch Of Green

Think back to the last time you were in a luxury bedroom. What did you notice? Almost certainly, there was a touch of green somewhere. It might have been a large floor plant in the corner or a small succulent on the mantelpiece, but it was there. 

Adding greenery is simple and easy – something that you can do in about five minutes. What’s more, it helps to complete your rooms and gives you a sense of relaxation. When there are plants in your environment, you suddenly feel way less stressed out. 

Improve Your Hardware

Now take a look at your dresser and nightstand. What do you notice? Are these units adding a sense of glamour to your rooms, or do they seem a little run-of-the-mill? If they look ordinary to you, replace them, according to

Replacing run-of-the-mill hardware is another simple and effective task. It doesn’t require any redecoration or replanning of your rooms. You simply swap out non-luxurious items for luxury ones instead. You can either do this right now, or wait until you need to pass on items to your children. 

Make More Space

All of the most opulent bedrooms in the world offer their inhabitants ample space. There are plush areas of carpet and rugs in every direction flowing from the bed. 

Naturally, the amount of space that you can create will depend on the size of the room. However, just clearing up clutter and moving things out of the way can have a massive impact on the space. 

Don’t leave stacks of books or clothes on the floor, and reduce your reliance on ottomans and other small items of furniture. Keep it as simple as possible and allow your room to flow. 

Add One Or Two Statement Pieces

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We all know what a statement piece looks like in the living room or dining room, but what about the bedroom? 

The simplest and most obvious option, according to, is to use the bed. These beds create a certain atmosphere that permeates the rest of the room.

You can also try experimenting with the headboard. See what happens when you extend it all the way to the ceiling. You may find that it totally changes your perspective of the room. 

Add Hanging Lights

Spotlights are not a hallmark of a high-end bedroom. They are too bright and intrusive when you are trying to sleep. However, hanging lights provide the perfect balance. They offer light when you need it, but they never feel harsh. 

Take a look at the lights in your bedroom right now and ask whether you could make them any more magnificent. Get rid of generic lighting options and, instead, hang chandeliers or vintage lanterns. When you do this, you’ll notice that the entire feel of the room becomes more intimate. Every time you turn on the light, you get a deep sense of relaxation.

Add A Rug

As mentioned earlier, rugs are another great addition to luxury bedrooms. Not only do they add warmth, but they bring texture too. 

If you ever look at magazine photos of stunning bedrooms, you’ll notice that they invariably include rugs, particularly under the bed itself. 

The designs you want to choose for high-end rooms depend on the style you’re going for. Florals are great, but some rooms call for more minimalist designs. 

Add More Throw Pillows

Luxury bedrooms should feel sumptuous. Everything should appear plush – and unapologetically so. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to add more throw pillows. Pile them up at the end of the bed, one on top of each other, until they fill about half of the height of the headstand. Don’t pile more than two pillows on top of each other. If they are not plump enough, you can practice (overfilling them), by opening them up and stuffing them with additional material yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase high-volume pillows from the local home store. 

Organise Your Nightstand

Sometimes, it isn’t decorations or furnishings that are letting your room down, but rather lack of organization. 

Take a look at your nightstand. What does it look like? If it is clean and free from clutter, you’re in the clear. However, if it’s covered in makeup, phone cases, books, and lipstick, then it probably doesn’t look so great. 

Don’t just sweep all the junk into the drawer below. Instead, think through your routine and why various items wound up on your nightstand in the first place. If there is a way to modify your routine to prevent the same thing from happening again, then please do so. 

Add Art

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We typically think of art as something that we put in the dining room or living room. But it is equally critical in the bedroom. In fact, it can totally change how you feel about the space. 

You can display multiple types of art in your bedroom. Colourful paintings, photographs and even sculptures are all perfectly acceptable ways to adorn the room. 

Declutter Your Vanity

If you have a vanity in your bedroom, you’ll need to declutter that too. Just like your nightstand, it can detract from the luxury appeal of your bedroom and leave it looking shabby. Pay special attention to your jewelry and makeup odds and ends. These can accumulate and make the whole thing look like a disorganised mess. 

So, there you have it: the anatomy of a luxury bedroom. Which of these points spoke most to you the most? And how will you make your bedroom more luxurious in the future? 

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