How the Pandemic Affects Rat Populations

Rats have an excellent ability to detect scent and can follow the aroma of a fresh food source located far away. As rodents, they can’t stand hunger and will do anything to get fed. Travelling from one part of town to another is not an issue. However because of their migration, they will end up in a new territory that they don’t know as well. So they will be vulnerable before setting up nests and finding safe pathways to the food source and back.

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A hungry rat is more likely to fall for a baited trap. Rodents are usually very suspicious of new items in their habitat, but in this case, the whole habitat is new. The urge to chew on something is also putting pressure on them and they will go for the bait.

Do not store food in anything other than metal containers, including pet food.

Use rodent-proof door sweeps – it’s a great tool that will seal the gap between the doorstep and the door. A rat or a mouse can squeeze through any tiny hole it can get its head through. Their bones are very flexible and their bodies seem to ‘melt’ through the gap, it’s a bit shocking when you see it for the first time but it’s real.

Use ultrasonic rat repellents – not the most effective method for deterrence but you can still try it. Rats usually get adapted to it in a few days and will just ignore it. If you’re unable to come up with a better solution at the current moment, just use this repellent until a professional pest exterminator comes.

What you should know is that a fully domesticated animal might fear a rat of very large size. A wild rodent may also transmit a large number of diseases if it bites your pet, so you should regularly check your pet for signs of a rat bite.

But can rats transmit COVID-19?

There are no proven cases of COVID-19 sick rats, let alone rodents that transmitted the disease to a human, or other rodents.

However, if we can transmit the virus on our fingertips, it would in theory be possible for rats to transmit it on their fur, paws and tails. Those rodents are inhabiting our sewer lines, so it is safe to say that they don’t have a great level of personal hygiene. Rats are no joke, it is imperative that you seek professional rat control help or take actions yourself at the first signs or suspicions of rats.

The UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice confirmed pest control as an essential service during the pandemic. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to keep a close eye for any signs of pests and deal with them as soon as possible, not letting an infestation develop and spread around.

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