Harmful Habits That Are Actually Way Easier To Quit Than We Think

Have you ever built up something you do in your mind so much that you think you can possibly do without it? Well, if so, it’s likely you have a habit. Sadly not all habits are good for us. In fact, some can be very harmful indeed both to our physiology and our mental well being. Fortunately, it may be a lot less challenging to quit some habits than we believe. A topic you can read more in the post below. 


“Not good enough, do it properly, and try harder!” These are all phrases that perfections tell themselves on a daily basis. In fact, being a perfectionist can be a mark of pride for some, because it often means they are the best at whatever they turn their hands to. 

However, a tendency to perfectionism can also chip away at our energy reserves, and intimately our self-esteem as well. The reason for this being that we are only as good as our last achievement. 

To that end, losing the grip on perfectionism can be a much more healthy and pleasant way to live. Something that we can achieve much more easily by becoming more mindful of our internal process. Thereby allowing us to resist the urge to do more and work harder when they arise. 

Substance use 

Many people have habits that surround substances such as food, alcohol, and even cigarettes. In fact, it is quite common to use them as a way to comfort themselves when they are experiencing difficult emotions like stress and anger. 

Of course, the problem here is that two of these things can be harmful to the body if not taken in moderation. Yet the other, namely smoking cigarettes, is always damaging. Sadly, smoking is one of the habits that people struggle to give up the most, precisely because of its addictive nature. 

The good news here is that quitting smoking may not be as hard as you expect. In fact, there are all sorts of nicotine replacement products available, and even devices such as these cheap vapes you can purchase now. Something that means you can still get the feel of smoking but without all the harmful additives, and slowly wean yourself off of this dangerous habit.  

Mobile phone addiction

Some people staunchly believed that mobile phone addiction is not a thing. However, the evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, would suggest otherwise. In fact, we can probably come up with some examples from our own lives where we know we should be giving our full attention to something like an IRL conversation or TV show. Still, we just can’t seem to put our phones down. 

Happily, reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone is not as difficult as you may think. The main reason for this being that many now have ‘screen time’ features. Something that allows you to monitor how long you spend on your phone each day and even block access to the apps of your choice. This being a strategy that can help you to minimise the use of your phone, or at least be more present in the task you are doing at that moment. 

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