How Can You Tell If An Electrician Is Reliable Or Not?

There are lots of jobs around the home that you can handle yourself, but you should always leave electrical work to a professional. If you make mistakes, you could seriously injure yourself or do expensive damage to your home. Your insurance won’t pay out for electrical fires unless the work was carried out by a qualified professional either. So, you need to find a good electrician. 

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When you are trusting somebody with potentially dangerous work, you need to make sure that they are reliable, but that can be tough. These are some of the best ways to work out if an electrician is trustworthy or not. 

Recommendations From Friends and Family

Asking friends and family for recommendations is the easiest way to find a good electrician. If somebody has used them before and they were happy then you know that they will do a good job. So, if you know somebody that has had work done on their home recently, ask them who did their electrical work. You might even get a small discount if you are referred by an existing customer. Recommendations can also help you find somebody that is easy to get on with, which is important if you are going to survive a long home renovation


The next thing that you need to check is their qualifications. Look at whether they have the relevant certifications to work as an electrician. You should also ask about any additional training that they have done. If they are not qualified, they won’t have the knowledge and expertise needed to do a good job and they will not be able to legally sign off on electrical work as safe. 


In order to protect themselves from any potential mishaps, all professional electricians will be insured. They should have public liability insurance for electricians and they should also have their own employer’s liability insurance. You can ask them if they are insured before you start work so that there is no confusion later on. If they don’t have their own insurance, then you will have to employ them at your own risk.

Say, for example, they accidentally cause damage to your home during the job. If they have insurance, that will pay for the repairs. But if they don’t, it’s down to them to cover the cost and if they don’t have the money to pay, you could be left out of pocket. 

Online Reviews

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Another great way to find out more about an electrician is through online reviews. Look them up on Google and their listing should show you if previous customers have been happy with their work. You can also search for local forums where people talk about tradespeople and electricians. If other customers have had problems with them in the past, you’ll soon find out about it. Keep in mind that there will always be one or two bad reviews because people love to complain. So, don’t let a couple of less than favourable reviews put you off if the rest of them are amazing. But if they are mainly bad, start looking elsewhere. 

You can’t afford to cut any corners with your electrical work, so make sure that you find a reliable electrician to do it for you. 

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