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How to Give Your Bedroom the 5 Star Hotel Treatment

Who doesn’t love the opportunity of staying in a luxury hotel once in a while?

Juliette's Interiors Luxury

I know I do!  But why should we wait for those special occasions, when we could be enjoying the finer things in life every night at home?  It’s not difficult to bring a little luxury into your bedroom, if you start to consider the things you love most about a 5 star hotel experience.

I’ve been perusing Juliette’s Interiors for inspiration, as they know a thing or two about the luxe life.  So here are some ideas to get you started:

A Chaise Longue


A glamorous hotel style bedroom should always showcase an eye-catching, statement piece of furniture – and a stylish Chaise Longue is the ideal choice.  Essentially a long, upholstered chair with a back rest, this classic piece of furniture is often finished in tactile fabrics, like velvet or silky satins.  The chaise longue is a timeless piece that has always been associated with boudoir glamour.  Today, these items of furniture can be very modern, or hark back to past eras.  I particularly like the nostalgic style of the Button Upholstered Italian Designer Velvet Chaise Longue (above).  It’s somewhere to relax and unwind with a drink before or after a night out.  Seriously, where better to put your feet up and enjoy your luxurious surroundings?  I love the mix of old and new here – a traditional button back style, but in a modern, vibrant velvet shade – and those gold feet give such an exclusive finish.  The perfect centrepiece for any glamorous bedroom, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Fresh Flowers

Some of the latest faux flowers are very good replicas and will easily trick the eye, however is there anything like having a delivery of fresh flowers?  The beautiful aroma, the changing blooms depending on the season…  For me, a beautiful vase of real flowers on the dressing table can be mood-boosting whilst adding a decorative touch, so why not treat yourself to the real deal?

A Luxury Wall Finish

When it comes to walls, adding texture can elevate a room and give it a luxe finish, ensuring that your bedroom has that truly high-end style.  You could take inspiration from the grand lobbies of some of the greatest hotels in the world with their impressive marble finishes, simply by installing a marble effect wall mural.  Or how about introducing a plush wall panel, like this one from Juliette’s Interiors?  It’s a luxury suede effect fabric wall that not only gives your room a heightened sense of glamour, but a cosy and cocooned feel too.  After all, our bedrooms are supposed to be our sanctuaries!

Hotel style wall panel

Indulgent Toiletries

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pampering, in fact I believe it does you the world of good.  A quality handwash and handcream by the sink and some extra treats in a basket such as face masks, sweet-smelling body scrub and lotions in beautiful bottles can make even an ordinary evening at home seem like a trip to the luxury spa.

Refreshments Station


No 5 star hotel experience is complete without a mini-bar or refreshment station, where you can prepare yourself a gin and tonic, or just enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea and a luxury biscuit or two.  Why not create a tray of your favourite things – glass bottled water, tempting cookies, a coffee maker, perhaps – or go full out hotel style, with a champagne bucket and mini-fridge to give you the most authentic hotel experience!

Statement Bed and Sumptuous Bedding

White luxury hotel bedding

A lot of gorgeous hotel bedrooms will feature a stunning four poster bed, or a generous Super King with a statement headboard.  Juliette’s Interiors have a fabulous selection of high end beds and furniture to give you some ideas – but if you can’t upgrade yours straight away, what you can do is treat your existing bed to some premium bedding.  High thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are a must, as are plump, luxurious pillows – Christy’s Pico White premium hotel quality bedding (above) would be perfect.

An Oversize Mirror

Full length luxury mirror

Any A-list bedroom should feature a beautiful and impressive, full length mirror.  I love the way this one is propped elegantly against a wall; it’s the must-have bedroom accessory to check your outfit from head to toe before going out – and of course to capture some glam selfie poses in true celeb style!

Chic Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room, so don’t ignore it if you want to create the perfect ambience in your hotel-style bedroom.  Whilst a luxury chandelier or statement pendant light will give the wow factor, hotel rooms will often also feature large table lamps and wall lights or sconces, so you can select the level of lighting to create different moods.  How stunning is this particular glass and gold wall light from Juliette’s Interiors?

luxury wall light

For more guidance on lighting, you can check out my post about layering a room with light, and if you are seeking further 5 star hotel bedroom inspiration, do head over to my Pinterest board here and save this pin for later.

Post in collaboration with Juliette’s Interiors

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