How To Design A Home That Boosts Your Wellbeing

When decorating our homes, we should aim to create spaces that boost our well-being. Whether it’s calming colour schemes, artwork, or incorporating earth-friendly materials, there are plenty of ways that we can improve our homes for our benefit.

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Remove the clutter

It can be difficult to relax in a cluttered home, you might find yourself feeling uncomfortable, and cramped in the space. The worst thing about clutter is that it can affect your mood, creating an atmosphere that feels chaotic and unproductive. To design a home that lifts your well-being, it’s important to remove the clutter. To help you with this chore, you might want to check out the ‘Clutter-free’ app. This tool can help you to create a clutter-free plan to improve the rooms in your home.

Express your personality

If you want a home that boosts your wellness levels, you should aim to reflect your personality with your decor choices. Paint with colours that you love, hang up lots of photographs, and choose artwork to express yourself. Before you choose a piece of art, think about what will give you joy. Whether it’s abstract art prints or nature paintings, spend some time thinking about how you want to express yourself through your home.

Eco-friendly adjustments

Designing an eco-friendly home is one of the best ways to improve your well-being. There are plenty of ways to make your home more green, in addition to bringing in some house plants:

  • Try Green Cleaners: There are lots of brands on the market that produce plant-based cleaning products, without harsh chemicals that are bad for the planet, plus they come with recyclable packaging. A few of the leading brands include Puracy, Better Life and Clara.
  • Green Energy Providers: Think about using a green energy company, to help you save money and protect the planet at the same time.
  • Grow Vegetables: To create a more sustainable and green household, consider growing your own vegetables.

Use calming candles

Sometimes, creating a relaxing atmosphere is as easy as choosing the right scents. To boost your well-being, opt for calming scents such as chamomile, bergamot, or ginseng. Cinnamon and vanilla candles can help to create a homely feel (because they tend to smell like cakes and biscuits!) Depending on your personal preferences, you could use scents to feel more energised or relaxed in certain rooms. For example the bedroom, bathroom and living room could have different mood-enhancing aromas, thanks to your choice of candles and diffusers.

Keep it comfortable

When you’re choosing furniture items, go for comfort over aesthetics. From your sofas to your chairs and your beds, choose items that will allow you to fully relax, in maximum comfort. Considering a memory foam mattress for your bed to help fully support your body, ensuring that you get the perfect night’s sleep. Try soft organic cotton and fleece for your soft furnishings, to create a cosy feel.

With these decor tips, it’s easy to create a home where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Boosting your wellbeing is about helping yourself to feel healthy, safe, and peaceful.

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