How to Create a Home Library

Creating a home library is one of the best things you can do if you love reading. It adds a touch of culture and class to your home like nothing else can. 

Home library
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A library should be comfortable, a place where you can curl up for hours reading your favorite book. If you are looking to create a home library but have no idea what that entails. Here’s a look at what you need to know to create one in your home.

Pick a Spot in Your Home

Home Lirbrary
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It is best to choose a room that you can use exclusively as a library. However, if you do not have this much space you should instead pick a spot in your home that’s quiet. You should also ensure that minimal traffic passes through this area.

Since reading requires good lighting it is best to choose a spot with natural light. If there is not a sport with a lot of natural light choose an area that you can light well. 

Your library can be in your bedroom, home office, living room, or even in your dining room. There is a wide variety of spaces you can choose from.

Decide on Storage

The next step in the process is to decide how you will store your books. The amount of storage you need is dependent on how many books you intend to place in your library.

If you have an extensive collection, you should consider floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. You can find bookcases on to house your collection.

You may also want to consider built-in shelves for a large collection. Smaller collections will do well with floating and freestanding bookcases.

Ensure that You have Sturdy Flooring

Books can get heavy. Depending on your flooring, a large collection will put pressure on the floors. Make sure that the flooring can support the weight of your bookshelf and the load it will carry.

The last thing you want is for your floor to sag under the weight of your bookshelf. If you foresee a problem don’t hesitate to call in a contractor to take a look before you buy shelves.

Decorate the Space

A collection of books is important for a library but this is not all that is needed. You will need chairs, tables, and maybe even a sofa

Throw in a few pillows as well and a blanket for those chilly evenings. Choose warm colours that will support that feeling of coziness.

Get Your Library Up and Running

Home library
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Whether you have a room or need to choose a small cozy space for your library, you can make the most of it. Once you choose the right shelves and a spot that has very little traffic you can create a comfy library in your home.

Just ensure that you decorate well and put tables and chairs in the right places, so that everyone in the library can be seated comfortably. If you choose to have a sofa ensure that you choose one in a style that will fit in with the rest of your decor. 

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