How to Create an Ultra-Modern Garden Space

Modernity isn’t just about technology and gadgets; it’s also about gardens too! There are lots of opportunities in gardens for self-improvement, innovation and creativity. Time and again new designs and aesthetics constantly surface and come to the fore, giving people meaning and enjoyment when they’re maintaining their outdoor areas. Ultimately, there’s a lot to be excited about here, and there’s always an opportunity to update your greenery.

But what makes an ultra-modern garden space? Are there certain things you can implement that will make it trendier, or is it down to aesthetics alone?

Consequently, here’s how to create an ultra-modern garden space! 

Bring the Inside, Outside

Part of modernising a garden means bringing the inside outside. Chairs, sofas, benches, and poufs are all winners for a sitting area. You can also introduce a variety of tables too, from small side tables to foldable dining tables that could seat 6-7 people. Whether it’s made of wood or metal, it will all integrate naturally and create a hybrid of really appealing indoor/outdoor decor.

Add a small radio, some cushions, spotlights and fairylights, and hang a large sail above it all, and you’ll have the makings of a truly quirky and unique garden area. If you’ve used wooden furniture, you could paint it all in slick, modern colours; vibrant reds, dark and rich browns, etc. Alternatively, you could go for more traditional garden colours; duck egg blues, mint greens, pale yellows, etc. In the end, it’s about inventively using the space!

Paving Slabs

Of course, dumping a bunch of (typically) indoor furniture in the garden isn’t a sure-fire plan alone. It all needs to integrate seamlessly, as if those kinds of objects had always belonged in the garden and should have been featured the whole time. One way to achieve this kind of feeling is through co-ordinating and organising the space in a smartly controlled manner.

For example, this feeling can be captured by utilising marshalls paving slabs, which will work wonders in organising the space. You can chart a clear and smartly put together path right the way through your garden, injecting an extra sense of sophistication into the space. It’ll also help keep your grass clean and tidy when people stick to the path you’ve set out for them, helping your garden stay immaculate in that regard too!

Moreover, if you create a slabbed area for your furniture to sit on instead of the grass alone, you won’t be flattening individual blades or making a mess of your lawn. Your furniture won’t get muddy either, and you can also walk around barefoot on a hot summers day without getting your feet dirty!

Water Features

Remember, a modern garden means thinking outside the box. It’s not all about plants and trees. A lot of what’s modern involves some level of multi-usage in an environment, so if you’re garden can offer numerous things beyond what’s considered ‘the norm’, you’re well on your way to creating a truly contemporary environment.

Water features can play a part here. Of course, these aren’t exactly new to a garden space. However, depending on what kind of water feature you use, you may just make your garden more appealing and in line with current trends.  Marble materials, multi-level mini waterfalls, fountains that twist and turn into a modern art style – it’ll all work here! Do some research and scout around, and you’ll get something truly creative.

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