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Simple Ideas to Create a Cool Vintage Home

Would you like to add some vintage charm to your home?

Introducing a retro ambiance and hint of nostalgia to your interior is not as hard as you may think, so read on for some easy ways to create that cool vintage home you’ve been dreaming of!

retro vintage home

Add a Statement Piece of Furniture

The key here is not to cram your home with antique finds, so that it ends up resembling a museum display or a charity shop.  Be selective and add one or two great pieces of vintage furniture to a room.  For example, an Art Deco armchair or display cabinet in the living room, an antique wardrobe in the bedroom or – if you are a creative type – you might like to re-purpose a vintage dresser into a sink, for an unexpected and unique bathroom feature.

Original or reproduction furniture can be painted for a quirky twist; you can distress corners and edges with sandpaper for an extra aged effect.  It can be a real thrill picking up a genuine vintage bargain at a flea market or junk shop and upcycling it yourself.  But if second hand isn’t for you, many modern furniture stores are offering retro styled armchairs, sofas, coffee tables and more for that authentic look.

retro chair

Choose Retro Appliances & Equipment

Reproduction appliances and electrical equipment are a great way to bring back a sense of nostalgia to your home.  Household items like modern microwaves, heaters or fridges in throwback styles nail the look – and the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice modern day convenience at all, since they combine all the latest technology with the aesthetics of the past.

The same goes for smaller home items such as lamps and light fittings or retro-styled radios and – with the growing popularity of vinyl records once more – you can even enjoy listening to LPs again on an iconic record player.  I adore these retro record players from Rockit Record Players and think they would look fantastic on a vintage sideboard next to an assortment of cacti plants.  (Wouldn’t they make a great, unique gift idea, too, for someone who has everything?)  Rockit also supply a range of Crosley turntables for music lovers.

Crosley turntable

Introduce Nostalgic Patterns & Prints

A good way to bring a retro vibe to the home is by introducing cushions, wallpaper, curtains or rugs in designs influenced by the past.  Opt for chintzy florals, geometrics, polka dots or colourful kitsch and abstract prints.  You can quite easily source authentic fabrics, quilts and crocheted blankets – or have a go at making your own!  There are lots of ideas and tutorials for creating crochet ‘granny squares’ on Pinterest to make a simple blanket, as well as free patterns for more experienced crafters.  Meanwhile, reproduction wallpaper teamed with true period paint colours can totally take you back in time.

Look for Homeware with Heritage

It can be fun to hunt down unique finds from the past, like handcrafted stoneware, decorative brass items or original macrame plant holders.  Open shelves are a great way to display your treasures, especially antique bottles, vases, plant pots, china plates and teasets.

You could add a large pegboard to your kitchen or work-space to hang items from.  Keep an eye out for mason jars to put your pens or kitchen utensils in (these jars can even be upcycled into lamps and hand soap containers).  Or why not add a vintage coat rack and umbrella stand in the hall, or a large wooden framed chalkboard for that old school look?

Collections of vintage items are eye-catching when displayed together, you might like to hang a group of vintage mirrors, or arrange some antique cameras and photography equipment on a shelf.  One popular trend at the moment is for a retro bar cart to take centre stage in the living room, stocked with classic drinks and elegant cocktail glasses – it’s a real talking point when entertaining!

Iconic designs to always keep an eye out for include angle-poise lamps, starburst mirrors and clocks, G Plan or Ercol coffee tables, Eames style or Lloyd Loom chairs and ‘sputnik’ magazine holders.

vintage plates

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for creating that much-loved vintage character!  When styling your home, choose retro items that ‘speak to you’, so that they reflect your personality and make the interior feel authentic and natural, rather than merely a themed or staged vintage home.

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