Is Your Home Office Equipped For The Long Term?

Small businesses believe that almost half of their employees will want to stay at home after the lockdown. For many, COVID-19 anxiety is a real thing that will delay their return to normal life, even when contagion risks become virtually non-existent. 

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Besides, many employees who have been denied flexible work arrangements until the lockdown have now realised that they are much more productive and relaxed when the office is only a few yards away from their bedroom. Indeed, workplace stress can be boiled down to interactions with coworkers, whether they cause interruptions, added pressure, or social exclusion. Working from home can avoid most of these issues and encourage professionals to take back control of their careers. 

In short, the temporary home office you’ve created during the lockdown may be here to stay. However, you will need to make your workplace away from the office work harder for you if you choose to stay at home. Here are some essential modifications to consider to make your home office a sustainable solution in the long term. 

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Allow yourself to decorate

It is fair to say that at this point you’ve already secured the essential furniture for work: desk, chair, and presumably a storage unit such as drawers or drawer organisers. But, if you decide to make your improvised home office a full-time solution, you need to treat the space like any other room in your home. Decorating your home office will help to tie things together and make the space more welcoming. The longer you postpone the decorative touches, the less your home office will feel like a long-term solution. Once you start hanging pictures, painting walls, and throwing a colourful rug on the floor, the room becomes a living space. 

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Improve your data network

Businesses knew they didn’t have a choice when the lockdown started. As such slow, residential broadband connections have been ignored. But, when you choose to stay at home while you’ve got the option to head back to the office, you need to move your data network to the next level. Employers are not going to be patient and understanding anymore if your productivity suffers due to your Internet connection. That’s precisely why you want to review your options. It can be helpful to compare Internet providers in your areas. You can also boost your network infrastructure with cabling installation, which you can get from specialists such as Wouldn’t you want to get cabled with speeds up to 10 GB per seconds?  

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Replace the office kitchen

The office kitchen is a place that encourages employees to take a break. Most companies have a quality coffee machine that can brew a perfect espresso, cappuccino, or latte while you take a few minutes away from the screen. At home, things are a different kettle of fish. Most British homes rely either on instant coffee or a coffee pod machine. However, it never quite tastes like proper coffee when compared to the office machine. Take a look at the list of coffee machines, combining bean to cup machines and smooth press coffee maker. You need to maximise your break area at home too; a decent coffee machine can do just the trick. 

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If you are planning to stay at home for longer – or permanently – once the lockdown is eased, it’s time to transform your temporary home office into a sustainable, lasting experience. You can create a new sense of normality by making your home office an integral part of your home interior. 

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