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Some readers may know that a few weeks ago I entered and won a competition for bloggers organised by Yale Door.  The prize was one of their sturdy, custom-built composite doors and I was so thrilled to win as our old front door was not in good condition, nor very secure.  It was as old as the house and the problem we had was that it was a non-standard size, so I couldn’t easily buy a replacement ‘off the peg’.

I would never have imagined we’d be able to buy a made-to-order door from somewhere like Yale.  We couldn’t have saved up for it (there’s always something else that comes along and takes priority) and I was reluctant to put a several hundred pounds purchase on our credit card.  However, it was only when looking at the Yale Door website that I realised they actually offer 0% credit for 12 months.  Now that would have been a big help and made a new front door a more realistic prospect.  So I just wanted to share that, in case anyone else is in the same situation – definitely worth looking at.  For example according to the site, a £545 new door would cost just £45 a month with 12 months 0% finance which also includes VAT & free delivery (finance subject to status).

Winning the competition meant we could choose any design, glass and extra features and Yale were also fitting it for us for free, which was fantastic.  After I came down from the clouds a few days later, it was time to start designing with the fun to use ‘Design Your Door’ section on the website.

Design your door

This aspect makes it simple to play around with different looks and finishing touches, all the while telling you what the price would be.  In the end, I printed out some of the doors I had designed and positioned them on a blown up picture of our house.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a brand new feature, so this is a great way to really visualise the finished look.

door designing

Black is classic, so we decided to stick with it, especially as we have a black and white porch and black gates (plus it doesn’t show the dirt!).

Out with the old, in with the new
Out with the old, in with the new

Instead of a colour change, we would choose an option with a bit more glass in the door than previously, so that our hallway wasn’t as dark inside.  I thought my hubby and I might struggle to find something we both agreed on, but after picking a door style between us and then trying all the different glass options, we agreed wholeheartedly on this one, the Edwardian 4 pane with abstract glass:

We ordered it and not long after a member of the Yale team visited to measure up.  They would be replacing the frame as well as the door, and while the door on the outside would be black, the inside would be white which was perfect.

I was also able to pick any of the ‘extras’ so that included a spyhole, door knocker, extra secure laminated glass and security chain and the piece de resistance, the very amazing Yale Keyfree entry system.


This door handle features a keypad where we can programme it to recognise our own pin.  It also comes with two key fobs for remote opening and locking, like you get with a car.  There is also a concealed lock for a physical door key should the need ever arise to overide the system.

This seemed like such a great extra and if you are getting a brand new quality door like this that is going to last for years, I don’t think the extra £199 is a bad investment for something we use daily, often multiple times as a family.  It’s great for our older son coming home from school, there’s no key for him to lose, and just the sheer convenience has already been a revelation to us.  No more fumbling with a key in a stiff lock whilst simultaneously holding bags of shopping and trying to ‘shush’ impatient children!

The other feature about the door worth mentioning is that it talks!  I hadn’t realised that this was part of the key-free option.  Here, have a listen:

The door was fitted in a couple of hours and looks pretty fine.  Its a lot lighter in our hallway and when the sun shines the glass makes mini rainbows on the wall!

I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with our new door – thank you to Yale for organising such a fabulous competition and for great advice, help and service throughout the whole process, it has been amazing.


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