Make a Raised Bed with Easi-Sleeper


I hope you have enjoyed the previous two ‘how-to’ videos I have shared from Easi-timber, which you can find here and here.

With the weather continuing to be good, it really makes me want to get out in the garden and do some projects to improve our outdoor space, how about you?  Well if you’ve got the DIY bug, today you can watch the third and final video of the series, which gives a step-by-step guide about how to install an easi-sleeper raised bed.


In case you were wondering, the experts behind the videos are from BSW Timber.  BSW Timber is the most technologically advanced and progressive sawmilling company in the UK and it’s two industry leading brands, Easi and Timeless Timber, are distributed throughout the construction, fencing, decking, sleeper and pallet and packaging sectors.  The company is committed to supporting sustainable forestry and a proud member of Grown in Britain, a government backed campaign to create a sustainable future for British forests and woodlands.

So back to today’s short how-to guide; a raised bed is a lovely way to get the children interested in gardening, as they can plant vegetable seeds easily and enjoy tending to the seedlings as they grow.  To eventually be able to eat something from the garden that they have grown by themselves is such a pleasure!  BSW’s award-winning easi timber is used to illustrate the process from start to finish.  If you plan to build a raised bed, or already have one, I’d love to hear about what you plan to grow in it this year.

Post in collaboration with Easi-Timber.

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