Organize Your Home Move With These Top Tips

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Moving home is never easy. You’ll not only be leaving somewhere where you made countless memories, but you’ll have multiple tasks to manage.

Juggling these can prove exhausting, and that’s without mentioning the stress. Being as organized as possible will limit that. 

You’ll need to know how to organize your home move. If you’ve never moved before, then that could prove overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be. You can reduce the stress often involved in moving home by doing a few things.

By properly organizing your home move, you can make sure that everything’s done without much of the hassle. Though you’ll still have some work to do, with a few tips and tricks, you can make moving home easier.

How To Organize Your Home Move Quickly & Easily

Have A Moving Binder

The easiest way to organize your home move is to have a moving binder. It helps you keep track of everything related to your home move.

That goes beyond having a checklist. You should also keep any contracts and receipts related to the move in here.

You should see it as a one-stop shop for everything related to moving house. It’ll make things much easier to track while making sure you have everything covered.

You might also want to keep a few other things in here, such as:

  • Floor plans
  • Design and decoration ideas
  • Financial documents
  • Contractor bids

With that, you should have everything you need for the home move. Make sure to keep the binder safe.

Label Your Boxes

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Labeling your boxes will be vital when you’re moving home. You’ll need to know which belongings are where.

That could be as simple as using some sticker printing or even writing on the box itself. Be clear about what’s in the box when you do.

Once you’ve moved, it’ll make the unpacking process much more manageable. You wouldn’t have to worry about going through boxes to find specific items.

Even if they’re labeled by the room the belongings are from – such as ‘bedroom’ and ‘kitchen’ – you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Having a label saying whether or not the items in a box are fragile is recommended. It’ll make sure any movers take extra care with them.

Have A Packing Strategy

Labeling your boxes isn’t the only thing you should keep in mind when packing. You should have a strategy in place when you’re doing so.

Perhaps the most common packing strategy is going room by room. Once you have the kitchen done, for example, you can move on to the living room.

Focusing on the non-essential things will be vital here. The closer you get to the moving date, the more you can focus on the essentials.

You wouldn’t want to pack something, only to realize a few days later that you need to use it again.

Keep Contact Numbers For Utility Companies

When you’re moving, you’ll need to either transfer your utilities or cancel them at your old home and start them at the new one. You’ll need to have the providers’ contact numbers for this.

It’s worth keeping these numbers somewhere safe. The cancellation or transfer process could be time-intensive and may need a few calls back and forth.

Having the utility company’s information on hand will make this easier. If you’re using several providers, you’ll naturally need to keep this in mind for all of them.

Have An Essentials Box

Before you move, you should make a checklist of the things you’ll need on your moving day. These should be put into an essentials box so that you can find and use them easily.

Some of the more notable essentials include:

  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Extra Set Of Clothes
  • ID and Other Documentation

Having these in the one box – and making sure you have it with you – will make the move more manageable. You can take your time unpacking the other boxes without needing to worry about your essentials.

Exactly what’s needed will vary from person to person, so it’s recommended you make a checklist and pack them ahead of the move.

Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Home

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It’s one thing to know how to organize your home move, but it’s another to put things into practice. Coupled with that is, no matter how organized you are, it can be easy to make mistakes.

Many home moving mistakes are relatively common because of how easy they are to do. They can end up costly, however. They could also add more stress and hassle to the move.

It’s worth avoiding them. If you can, moving home will be much smoother than you’d think. Some of the more notable are:

  • Hiring The First Moving Company You Find: You can choose from quite a few moving companies, depending on where you live. Picking the first one you come across isn’t recommended. Instead, you should get quotes from each of them and compare options. Some will be much more appealing than others, so it could be worth going with them.
  • Leaving Packing Until The Last Minute: Many people underestimate how long it’ll take to pack their belongings. As a result, they leave things to the last minute. Unless you only have two or three boxes of belongings, it’ll take you longer than you’d think. You’ll need to start packing early. Starting with the non-essentials is recommended.
  • Not Connecting Utilities In Advance: Most people think that they’ll save money by waiting until they move into their new home before connecting the utilities. While that could be the case, you’ll also be without the utilities for some time. That could be a few days or weeks, depending on the provider. Connecting them in advance will make sure that everything works when you get there.
  • Not Having An Essentials Box: Your essentials box will naturally be essential. You’d be surprised by how many people overlook this, however. Make sure to have an essentials box for when you move. It’ll make the first few days in your new home much easier.
  • Not Telling People You’re Moving: Ahead of your move, you’ll likely tell a few people that you’re moving. You could overlook a few people, though. Make sure that everyone who needs to know, knows. Family and friends will be relatively easy. You’ll need to think of your healthcare provider, employer, bank, and other things, however.

Once you know what the most common home moving mistakes are, you’ll be much better able to avoid them. You’ll also avoid the stress – and potentially money – needed to fix them.

How To Organize Your Home Move: Wrapping Up

Once you’ve figured out how to organize your home move, things will be much more straightforward. While you’ll have to take time to do this upfront, you’ll save time and hassle during the move.

Alongside reducing the stress associated with moving house, you’ll make sure that everything is taken care of. Nobody wants to move somewhere new only to remember that they forgot something.

Save yourself the hassle by doing each of the above when you’re moving house. Keep the most common home moving mistakes in mind is also a priority.

While they could seem relatively minor, they can impact the process much more than you’d think. With how common they are, they’re easy to avoid once you know about them.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making your home move as smoothly and easily as possible. Though unexpected things could come up, these should be relatively minor.

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