Kärcher steam stick

Review: Kärcher Premium Steam Stick

Kärcher steam stickThis is the second item Kärcher have sent me to review, after the Window Vac which really impressed me.

The Kärcher Premium Steam Stick is a portable steam cleaner with attachments making it extra versatile.

Kärcher steam stick

Prior to re-painting the wall, radiator and skirting board in a section of the kitchen which is my little workspace, I was able to give the space a really good deep clean, thanks to the Steam Stick.  It was ideal for getting right into the corner, prior to painting – I don’t know about you, but getting fluff and dust on a paint brush is the most annoying thing!

So firstly, I was able to give the radiator a long overdue clean, both outside and in.  The steam nozzle was great for lifting off and dissolving surface dirt, it loosened everything so quickly and I was able to just wipe it down with a cloth.  With the small brush attachment I could even get inside and give it a scrub.

Kärcher steam stick brush attachmentThen, a bit of  a revelation!  By directing the steam down from the top of the radiator (and it really does blast out the steam) – you would not believe what came out of the bottom, take a look below – I’m not ashamed to show you as I simply couldn’t get to these dust bunnies with anything else before!  Neither vacuuming nor brushes can reach right inside the radiator.

Kärcher steam stick

I whizzed the powerful steam jet over the skirting boards next and and then I added the tube, foot and cloth attachments that enabled me to steam over the floor.

Kärcher steam stick cloth

I have a Karndean floor in the kitchen, so you have to be careful about using steam (because it can lift up the strips of planking) so I didn’t linger long over any patch, but neither did I need to as it was super fast at dissolving and wiping off stains and grime.

.Kärcher floor cleaning

The unit is very easy to use, simply fill the tank with water and wait a few seconds for the steam to get going, it lasted a good long while before I had to re-fill it, and having tried another hand held steamer once before, I realised it wasn’t a patch on the power of the Kärcher one.  It will be great going forwards for cleaning such things as our cooker hood, shower screen, oven, toilet, floors and probably a whole lot more I’ve not thought of yet.

I think this is a piece of kit every household should have, because let’s face it, there’s always stuff that needs a clean in any home.  This gadget, without being unwieldy or taking up too much space to store, really takes the effort out of cleaning.  So many jobs require ‘elbow grease’ to make a difference, whereas the Steam Stick does the hard work for you – and no chemicals or cleaners required!  It’s the pure power of steam that cleans and also sanitises.

In my opinion the Kärcher Premium Steam Stick is a quality item and a wise investment, once you’ve got one you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

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