Sofa, So Good: Buying The Perfect Couch

The furniture can make up a lot of what gives a home its style, and as you begin to craft the perfect home, when you look at somewhere like the living room, the focal point, apart from the television, is the sofa. It’s one of the most important investments you will ever make, likewise, it’s not something you can afford to upgrade every single year! This means that you’ve got to ensure you get the right things out of the right sofa. What do you need to know before buying the perfect sofa that will last for years to come?

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Try Before You Buy

You have got to ensure that the right sofa isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it’s got that feel to it where you know it will keep you comfy for years to come. It’s always worth trying the bottom test, but before you you begin your hunt, think about the right styles. It’s important to examine different styles, and do some online research where necessary. Online retailers like Shabby Chic Furniture provides a multitude of sofa styles, which gives you the opportunity to imagine what your living room would like if you had a sofa with a fur effect, brushed velvet, or leather.

Consider The Frame

It’s not just the material, but the frame needs to be solid as well. It’s important to spend as much money as possible on a good quality frame because if you are someone who likes to lounge on a couch for long weekends of Netflix marathons, you need a solid hardwood frame. You have to be careful with a particleboard or metal construction frame because this may not last long in the grand scheme of things. When possible, go for a manufacturer that offers a guarantee of 15 years.

Think About The Cushions And Fabric

Choosing the right cushions can be a task all in itself. With something like feather cushions, while they are comfy, they will need plumping on a regular basis. On the other hand, fibre fillings or foam can begin to lose their shape over time. The best advice is to choose a combination of both materials. Feather and foam provide comfort and structure. Also, think about the fabric of the sofa itself. Think about the colours, as this will enhance your living room. You may have a very modest living space, and so you may want to choose natural materials, but if the room gets a lot of sun, the material could fade. Using a synthetic fabric will work best in this respect. But you also need to look at the practicalities of everyday life, especially if you have a pet that likes to jump on the sofa at any given opportunity.

And don’t forget, ensure you measure up the dimensions of the room! There is nothing more frustrating than having the delivery people struggle to get the sofa in because you have ordered something way too big for your living space! Check the measurements of the living room, as well as the door frames, and anywhere that the sofa will have to pass through, otherwise you may have to PIVOT!!

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