wedding tunes

Wedding Tunes

When it comes to planning your big day, that list can feel like it’s getting longer and longer. There is the wedding list to get right, the flowers to choose, the photographer to book and the catering to get spot on. Combine that with choosing the right wedding venue for the ceremony and service and you’d be forgiven for letting the entertainment slip way down your list.

But those few hours after the marriage has taken place, the speeches and toasts have been given and the guests have all eaten, that’s the time you finally get to relax and enjoy yourself. With that in mind, you want to choose a wedding band or DJ that sets just the right tone and provides the perfect soundtrack to your evening celebrations.

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Creating The Right Tone

Your choice of music will largely depend on the type of wedding you both envisage. If you’re looking for a more classic set-up then a singer/songwriter might tick that box nicely. Someone who your guests can listen to while they chat and have a drink with friends.

Many venues, particularly those often used for wedding receptions will offer their own DJ or one they use regularly to set the evening off and have everyone up and dancing. You will need to get in contact with them before the big day to explain what kind of music you want them to play and what you don’t want to hear.

Big Band

If you’re really looking to push the boat out, you’ll want to think about a band that ticks all the boxes you need when it comes to style. You might choose to go for a cover band that covers all your favourites and gives you and your guests a good choice of music to dance and sing along to. You may go for the popular vintage style band that offers a new music covered in a classic swing or jazz style.

You might even go for a tribute act that gives you all the music you like but whose members bear a passing resemblance to your favourite artists. If you are going for an act like this, then it’s a great idea to go through an agency such as the who will take the guesswork out of choosing a band and finding the right act for you. You’ll also have the assurances that they have vetted the acts and know that they are providing experienced wedding bands that are guaranteed to please.

Whoever you choose for your big night, remember that it’s your wedding and you get to pick the entertainment that suits you and your partner best. Find a band you love or a DJ who’ll play all your favourites and you’ll spend the best night of your life dancing away, to round off perfectly the best day of your life. Get researching and book your best act in plenty of time for your wedding celebrations.

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