Black garden room

Why black is the new white for garden room extensions

Say goodbye to traditional and embrace your dark side with a unique and striking garden room painted in black.

Black garden room

A modern orangery or garden room extension is a superb way to transform a tired area of your property into a bright and spacious open-plan living space. While a classic white shade is perfectly elegant, black exterior joinery adds a touch of dramatic flair to the overall design.

Dark, shadowy-coloured structures are becoming a popular garden room trend, and it’s no wonder when you see the impact they can make. By choosing blacks or charcoal greys over whites or magnolias for the exterior joinery, you can instantly turn your extension into a showstopper. ‘We are currently seeing more of our customers opting for black shades of paint for the outside joinery of their glazed extension in order to make a statement,’ explains Jonathan Hey, founder of Westbury Garden Rooms.

People feel cautious of using dark colours, but they can create contrast and definition which in turn makes your garden room or orangery stand out. Black lines act as a frame, showing off your structure’s architectural shape and enhancing its depth to create a modern look.

Just like any colour, black has numerous tonal variations to choose from; jet blacks, dark plummy blacks, off-blacks, midnight-blues and dark pewters are all fantastic shades for exterior joinery. You’ll find that in bright sunshine, even the darker shades will take on a completely different tone, which can ebb and wane as the light outside changes.

Depending on your property, it could be that black just looks better with your home’s style. Many home owners are finding that black joinery effortlessly blends in with a range of architectural styles, from minimal, urban buildings to period properties in the country.

This is all very well, but black paint used to cause problems; joinery specialists would avoid painting wood with darker colours if it was likely to have a high exposure to natural sunlight, because dark surfaces absorb much more heat. If a dark painted surface gets too warm, then the colour can fade and before long you can expect to see some unattractive cracks and peeling – which is certainly not the look you want to achieve.

Fans of darker colours will be glad to hear that by choosing the right paint, flayed and peeling surfaces can be avoided, and a slick finish can be enjoyed for years to come. Choose a water based, low-gloss, microporous product that will create a protective barrier for the timber and your joinery will be protected against weather conditions, UV exposure and mould. Paints with more pigment content than standard high street brands will result in a striking exterior that will maintain its quality finish.

It’s not just the paint that makes a difference; the right timber for the joinery of your garden room will help to protect a darker colour. Choose a material like Accoya©, which is an extremely strong and durable engineered timber. Accoya© is a sustainable timber product that will not twist or swell over time, meaning that your extension is stable and painted coating will not peel.

It looks like the trend for dark and dramatic colour palettes is here to stay, but no matter what colour you choose, using the right timber and paint is the key to a long lasting, low maintenance garden room or orangery that will look beautiful for years to come.

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