Activewear: What to Wear for Your Gym Workouts

A gym workout requires clothing that will wick away sweat, doesn’t restrict movement, will keep you cool but covered up and most of all comfortable. Whether you are hitting the gym to lift weights, go spinning, take a hot yoga class or pound the treadmill, here’s a list of the basic activewear items you’ll need:


Crop Top, Vest or Tee

Ideally don’t wear a cotton t-shirt to the gym as it will stick to you when you become hot and sweaty. Instead, maybe choose a layered crop top and vest combo, or a short sleeved tee in a lightweight, modern sportswear fabric designed for the gym. This material will usually have antibacterial properties, be able to keep you cooler and won’t stick to your body. If you are going to be bending a lot, as in a class, go for something more slim fitting that won’t flop into your face or ride up to expose any bits you’d rather were covered.

Sports Bra

Don’t assume you can wing it in a gym session with your regular bra on; whatever bust size you are, you need a supportive sports bra that will minimise bounce. High impact exercise can cause ligaments in the chest area to stretch and potentially cause sagging, so protect your assets!


It’s all well and good having your workout gear sorted, but you need some warm layers for before and after exercise. Designer ladies tracksuits are the ideal outerwear to your gym kit – perfect for getting you comfortably from home to your workout and back again. Keeping muscles warm will make them happier and less prone to strains. Not only that, with the popular trend in fashion for ‘athleisure’ wear, you can make a style statement at the same time. OD’s Designer Clothing has some great ranges for the fashion conscious.

Tights, leggings or shorts

Well fitting tights or leggings are another essential for the gym. Good ones will not ride down at the waist, will wick away sweat and won’t go sheer when you bend. Some will have a pocket or two which can be handy. You can choose full length leggings, cropped ones or even shorts if the workout is going to be particularly hot and sweaty.

gym workout gear


Select a pair of trainers to suit your type of training. So if you are running on the treadmill, you’ll need a supportive running shoe. A lighter shoe may be fine for general gym workouts. If you aren’t sure, get a gait analysis done at a running shop to see how your ankle and feet move, whether they are neutral, overpronating or underpronating. Having the correct footwear can help prevent injury so it’s really important – and never wear worn out trainers.


Think about the extras you may need in your kit to keep you happy. For example socks with grippers for a yoga class and a headband to keep hair out of the eyes. It’s worth keeping your gym bag stocked with spare kit, a towel, water bottle, shampoo, etc. so you’ve no excuses to duck out of a training session just because you don’t have your gear ready!

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