family bathroom ideas

6 Things a Busy Family Bathroom Needs

A busy family bathroom has to work hard, providing an organised space and everything to hand for a quick turnaround at those high traffic times in the morning and evening.

family bathroom ideas

So I’ve put together a few ideas to ensure the bathroom of a growing family functions at the best of its ability, no matter how small or busy it is.

Heated Towel Rail

When multiple people are using the bathroom, a heated towel rail is a must to dry out towels quickly so they can be re-used and to keep moisture in the room to a minimum.  It also makes the space more a lot more comfortable to be in and so much nicer to get dry with a warm towel!

Storage Solutions

Bathroom shelves storageWhen several family members use a single bathroom, its important to have adequate storage for toiletries.  Shampoo and conditioner can be shared, but its a good idea to assign everyone their own shelf if you can, or at least a storage basket each where they can keep their own personal items such as deoderant.  Baskets are also a great way to keep items tidy and prevent random bottles or containers stacking up on the windowsill.  For bathroom furniture, why not check out the range at Travis Perkins.

Bath or Large Shower

If you can incorporate a bath and a shower into your space, that’s the ideal scenario for a family bathroom – but a smaller bathroom could have a bath with a shower above, or you might be brave and do what we did, dispensing with the bath altogether in favour of a large walk in shower.  We have found it to be much quicker and more convenient when you need to get people ‘in and out’ but the design means it still feels luxurious, compared to a cramped shower cubicle.

Personalised Hooks

Bathroom letter hooksNumbered or initialled are a great idea for everyone to hang their own individual towels, dressing gowns, scrubbing brushes etc and its a good way to get kids into the habit of being tidy and organised.  These above from Scandinavian Design Center would add a fun element to a bathroom.

Laundry Basket

If you’re not properl organised, clothes and towels will soo be strewn over the bathroom floor, so by having a tall laundry basket in one corner, no one has any excuse to leave dirty clothes or wet towels on the floor.

Adequate Ventilation

A bathroom that gets a lot of use will be steamy which can lead to mould growing in the grout between tiles and the finishes on bathroom furniture and mirror edges getting damaged, so adequate ventilation is necessary to keep the room nice and dry.  Make sure there is an electric fan installed to draw out moisture and open a window whenever you can.  Keeping an optimum room temperature will help,too.

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