How You Can Have Pets And Still Keep A Fabulous House

It’s so easy to want it all. The dream house, perfect interior, and that lovable furry friend to keep you company and shower in love. The great news is you can have it all! It just takes a little know-how and you too, can have that pawfect home for you and them. 

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Think About The Upholstery And Fabrics You Choose

This is lesson number one, especially if your fluffy companion moults. It is vital that you don’t choose a material that is going to act like a fur magnet. So you might want to steer clear of that velvet couch unless you plan on spending more time cleaning and de-furring in on a regular basis. 

Silk is also a no-no. That furry friend is actually more of a family member, so don’t put yourself in the position where they may upset you by snagging those delicate fabrics. Pick something robust where you can, such as leathers, synthetics, and smooth tapestries. 

Easy Clean Flooring

There are always those occasions where accidents may happen, especially when dogs and cats have roamed outside in the rain and left a trail of muddy paw prints through the home. So think easy clean. Tiles, laminate or slate floors can be great for this as a quick mop can bring them back to pristine condition in no time. Although if you have your heart set on hardwood floors, make sure you choose one that is a dense hardwood and not easily scuffed or scratched. Also one that isn’t too light in colour, as it could show staining if your pet has a little wee accident. 

Decant Food Into Storage Tubs

Now that you have that dream kitchen you don’t want to take over all the worktops with unsightly pet food packaging. So when buying your favorite Burgess Guinea Pig food range for example, simply decant it into a Tupperware or a tasteful ceramic pot that will complement the rest of your kitchen. Or alternatively, make a pet feature within your space that is just for their items, such as their bed, pet food and toys. 

Consider The Texture Of Your Walls

When redesigning your home and considering wallpapers versus paint, consider a few aspects before making any decisions. Similar to the sofa scenario, will texture on the walls attract fur and make your wall look fuzzy? Can it be damaged easily if your beloved four legged friends get carried away playing? How easy is it to clean? Is it claw proof? For the easiest way to maintain that spotless home and keep pristine walls, you may want to simply go with a hard-wearing paint. Although it may not on the first appearance carry the same wow factor as a decorative wall paper, it is easy to clean and if you choose a satin finish for the walls and gloss for the skirting board,  they repel fur and can make keeping your home perfectly clean quite easily. Plus with a little creativity and styling with wall art etc, you can still create those wow spaces.

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